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The Avaro Figlio Autumn Winter 2019 collection is a modernist reimagining of the iconic Italian style, design and structure

The ancient kingdoms, dukedoms, principalities and nations that make up modern Italy has been at the forefront of design since the dawn of civilisation. The French might have gained the reputation for setting the bar when it comes to elegance in more recent centuries but the Italians have remained the trend-setters of style and design for millennia.

Although the styles have changed and new trends have been set, their basic design elements are still at the core of each design; harmony, balance, geometry, contrast and structure. The “quintessential Italian style” moves effortlessly from landscaping to architecture to fashion. Although offering a modern take on this design principle, the Avaro Figlio Autumn Winter 2019 Collection is a celebration of its core values.

Having started his career in the television and film industry, Avaro Figlio’s Creative Director, Dario Biglino has a keen eye for what catches the lens. This background has served him extremely well in creating truly eye-catching designs throughout the years. The blend of structural design and the understanding of what emotions movement conjures up results in a wonderfully strong yet romantic look.

The Avaro Figlio Autumn Winter 2019 Collection is a celebration of the multifaceted being that is ‘woman’. The combination of strong, bold yet soft and moving elements. The ability to be both commanding and sexy, elegant and flirty. It is bold, subtle and chic but perhaps above all, it is unapologetically Italian.

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