Avaro Figlio combines the perfect amount of Italian modernism with couture craftsmanship, which can be seen in the details of every gown and throughout the created collections. The journey into the bold and elegant world of Avaro Figlio began in 2009 as a look into the edgy and eclectic lives of women. 

The label offers stunning garments and exclusive outfits for women interested in modern couture, chic ready to wear, and unapologetic pieces for the evening. Architecture transcends the looks which are enhanced by the finest Italian tailoring. Harmonic details and designs with a careful selection of fabrics are evident in every style to create a one of a kind look.

Dario Biglino & Sulabh Kalra created a unique blend of style, where classic meets edgy fashion in a perfect artistic mix which showcases and exemplifies the essence of Avaro Figlio.

Loyal to their craft, Dario & Sulabh moved to the luxury fashion industry with three key words: quality, craftsmanship, and passion. Quality is seen in every inch of Avaro Figlio truly representing a merchandising mark that is Made in Italy, craftsmanship comes from centuries of traditions, passion comes from two very different cultures. Their breathtaking gowns, introducing a new and modern way to think about couture.

Their brand, Avaro Figlio Milano, which is becoming recognised globally for its classy and particular designs, places an emphasis on reinventing the concept of grace and luxury.