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No Child Labour Policy

We do not employ minors under any circumstances.

Workplace Health and Safety

We guarantee a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees. We ensure providing them with the necessary safety equipment and gear. 

No Discrimination Policy

We have zero tolerance for all types of discrimination, within and outside the company premises.

 Equal Opportunity Policy

We guarantee a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees. We ensure providing them with the necessary safety equipment and gear.

Women Empowerment

We fully support the empowerment of women in the social and the economic life, and their full and effective participation in the decision making processes. 60% of our managerial personnel consist of our women colleagues.

 Wages and Working Hours

We ensure that wages are paid in full and without latency, that is always above the necessary amount for the basic needs of our employees and their families. Local and International regulations regarding working hours are respected.



Avaro Figlio SAS has commitment to an ethical and transparent supply chain with the principles as a condition to all transactions with our suppliers and factories.

  • All Avaro Figlio garments are proudly Made in Italy, with the exception of a select range of embroidered product made in collaboration with exclusive international partners.
  • For our price point, focus is on high-quality garments that have a life span longer than a fashion season. For eliminating excess stock, fabrications and trims production is only made to order from our customers and stores.
  • Smart pattern cutting method ensures to reduce fabric wastage.
  • Limited water usage during the manufacturing process.



  • Recycling services for general waste and paper / plastic articles.
  • Our packaging/cardboard box supplier uses only recycled paper stock.
  • The plastic garment hangers and protective garment bags we chose to use are both recyclable.
  • Remnant fabric, off-cuts, and fabric swatches from previous production runs are either sold or donated. Excess fabric rolls are revisited regularly to reintroduce and reuse before purchasing new fabric lines.
  • Purchase of only environmentally friendly office, cleaning & toiletry items.


MASION ensure to have ethical and sustainable method working , Workplace policies are according to the commitments of Italian govt. guidelines when producing Made in Italy quality products.

Maison can’t create anything without passion and care, to value our suppliers and business, brand has worked hard to create and sustain strong, long-standing relationships by selecting artisan local suppliers to deliver a trusted, finest Italian Made product to our customers. 

Main focus of the brand is to minimise waste to aid the environment. Recycling, re-inventing and reusing.