The new AVARO FIGLIO Spring Summer 2021 collection restarts from a reinterpretation of its artistic and stylistic heritage.

Two sides of the collection, one more couture and the other one more ready to wear, both part of the same female universe.

The dictates of the maison of Milan reinterpreted in a contemporary key with femininity and lightness relive in a new light that is more clear then ever and necessary.

The reinterpretation of the embroidered polka dots on light tulle characterize a new romanticism made of luxury and femininity.

Evolutionary dynamism that leads to a new aestethic balance.


The rigor of the lines and of the asymmetrical draperies in cady intersects with the fluid majestic elegance of the taffeta and the silk organza that weawe voluminous transparencies.

The rigor and refinement of tailoring cuts reminds us of the importance of Italian tailoring as a basis for designing new and never predictable lines and paths.

A continuous research of new shades and reflections, the triumph of the royal blue iris and the elegance of the eternal red in a new orange and contemporary key alongside the black and white duality always present and loved in the brand's collections.

Intuition, perception, experiment. Evolution. A new life.